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PVC Ceiling


Kingfon PVC ceiling is one type of ceiling made from Polyvinyl Chloride or commonly abbreviated PVC, namely thermoplastic polymers. Kingfon PVC ceiling is also in great demand by some people because it is cheap, durable and easy to install. In addition Kingfon PVC Ceiling is also waterproof, termite and non-flammable, when viewed from other advantages it is more elastic compared to other types of ceilings, because there is a mixture of plasticizers so that the ceiling material is not easily broken, because of its elasticity. To use Kingfon PVC Ceiling, make sure the specifications, because there are lots of color variants, sizes and thickness so that before buying, adjust it to the needs you want. There are lots of models and specifications of Kingfon PVC Ceiling, to get various types of Kingfon PVC Ceiling that you want, you can get it directly through SHUNDA KEMAYORAN PLAFON

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