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UPVC roof alderon rs Greca Trimdek
UPVC roof alderon rs Greca Trimdek
UPVC roof alderon rs Greca Trimdek
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Specification of UPVC roof alderon rs Greca Trimdek

Alderon RS is a single layer uPVC roof that is designed to meet the needs of a roof that can be durable at an affordable price.Alderon RS has a light weight. Alderon RS is also opaque, so it can protect your family from the dangers of ultra violet light. For industrial, commercial and residential purposes, Alderon is an economical choice for those of you who still need a durable and durable roof against chemical elements. Alderon RS is also not noisy when it rains because it can reduce sound better than metal roofs.ADVANTAGE OF ALDERON RS:
1) Does not rust
2) Easy to form for making roofs with curved shapes
3) Easy to cut, perforate, and easy to install even with simple equipment
4) Performance on fire: does not propagate fire (will be extinguished by itself if it burns)
5) Easy maintenanceGENERAL USE OF ALDERON RS:
- Housing (canopy, garage, terrace)
- Factories (including chemical plants and processing)
- Sports stadium
- Agribusiness industry (fisheries, agriculture, livestock and plantations)
- Warehousing
- Commercial buildings (malls, supermarkets, shops)
- and othersSIZE:
- Thickness: 1.45 mm
- Width: 760 mm
- Effective width: 690 mm
- Height: 17mm
- Distance between waves: 76mm
- Weight: 2.10kg
- Length: 4, 5, 6mCOLOR: White, GRAY.

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