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Specification of UPVC ROOF SHUNDA R31B


Roof UPVC Shunda Roofing R31BM & A 1.5mm thick Effective width of 820 mm 890 mm Physical Width Shunda Roof has a high resistance to acids, bases and salts. Make it a roofing material and cladding that is very suitable for coastal areas, the food and beverage industry, salt mills, cold storage, pulp and paper industry, power plants, fertilizer factories and much more. Shunda Roofing is also flexible so that it can be bent to the shape of a dome roof without rolling. As a housing canopy, unlike polycarbonate & fiberglass, Shunda Roofing is resistant in tropical environments with high UV levels, is not moldy and is not noisy when it rains. Advantages of UPVC Shunda Roofing Roof As the latest generation roof / canopy, pvc and upvc roof roof can be used as a minimalist, anti-corrosion, moss-proof, minimalist roof. muffle noise during the rainy season and are very flexible. Besides being used as a canopy for housing, pvc roofs and upvc roofs are also used by various buildings such as factories, warehouses, garage and other buildings. UPVC Shunda Roofing ADVANTAGE As a new generation roof, Shunda Roofing uses UPVC materials that are more effectively used for residential and industrial canopy needs. -ATAP Shunda Roofing ANTI CORROSION - FLEXIBLE SHUTA ROOFING ROOF -ATAP ANTI HOT Shunda Roofing COLD SHAPE ROOFING

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