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Shunda Plafon Kemayoran

Cross Tee / Rangka Plafon Akustik 120 cm
Cross Tee / Rangka Plafon Akustik 120 cm
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Sell Cross Tee / Rangka Plafon Akustik 120 cm

Specification of Cross Tee / Rangka Plafon Akustik 120 cm


CKM is one of the largest ceiling suspension manufacturers in Southeast Asia, established first in 1982 in Taiwan. Berkat Maju Bersama has been a distributor for CKM product for more than 10 years. The quality of one of Southeast Asia's largest factories and our 15 years of experience in the installation of an acoustic / ceiling system ceiling / PVC ceiling is the key to our success. CKM ceiling suspension provides several series and each series has its own function and aesthetic design. With its many series and types that CKM provides we can work on various types of ceiling system according to the needs of consumers. Products applied to acoustic ceiling using metal frames as Main Tee and Cross Tee. This frame system has advantages such as product quality controlled by large manufacturers, easy to install so that installation time is faster and can reduce cost, with galvanized coating and paint finishing to protect from rust and mold, as per ASTM C635.

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