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Sell Vinyl Flooring

Specification of Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl Motif Wood - Vinyl Flooring - Vinyl Plank - Vinyl Floor, present to make vinyl motif kayuinterior your home becomes interesting and more beautiful as well as featuring wooden elements were very charming and luxurious because the floor is an important element in designing the interior of the house, office, restaurant, and more. to bring the wood element is in place you are using Motif Vinyl Flooring Wood

The wood motif vinyl floor installation using the LEM at the bottom, which is easily attached to the plaster or ceramic floors. Vinyl flooring wood motif is very flexible floor because if you get bored, it can be removed easily as well as how to care is not complicated.

The size that we provide:
15.25 x 91.5 mm
30.25 x 30.25 mm

Thickness :
1.3 mm
2.0 mm


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