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Plafon Akustik Armstrong
Plafon Akustik Armstrong
Plafon Akustik Armstrong
Plafon Akustik Armstrong
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Specification of Plafon Akustik Armstrong

Berkat Maju Bersama is Acoustic Acoustic Armstrong Acoustic Distributor with the following specifications:
Acoustic Panel Width: 600MM
Acoustic Panel Length: 1200MM
Acoustic Panel Thickness: 15MM
Fill panel in box: 10 Sheets
Installation Frame: Main T, Cross T, Wall Angle
Supporting Accessories Installation: Angle Clip, Tie road
Minimum Order Material: 10 Sheets / 1 carton
Berkat Maju Bersama as distributor of Acoustic Ceiling Brand ARMSTRONG able to fulfill your project material requirement in all area of ​​Indonesia including installation service we provide if needed by our customer. Thanks to Maju Bersama only serve acoustic / acoustic sales
Choosing the ARMSRONG Brand Acoustic Ceiling as the right choice is because:
Able to reduce noise on ROOM ROOM
Fast and Practical Application Process With Standard Manufacturing Framework
In the process of repairing Mechanical Engineering that is always there on the ceiling in office buildings, The use of acoustic ceiling is very appropriate, because the ceiling installed does not need to be damaged to get direct access to mechanical enginering repair location.
The fast installation process becomes a major advantage in placing acoustic ceilings compared to other types of ceilings
The weight of the Acoustic Acoustic Trunk Material Brand Armstrong is certainly lighter than the use of other gypsum type ceilings
15mm thick ensures the Armstrong acoustic ceiling does not experience ENVIRONMENT due to the length of the acoustic panel
The framework used is always iron Galvanize which has been designed anti-rust
The frame mounted on the bottom has finished coating, and is very comfortable to be seen by the eyes in close proximity.
If there is damage to the ceiling due to falling objects, damaged by drops of water fall, then the replacement can be done only on the damaged panel only, without replacing the frame and paint finishing process to get a new color
The Armstrong Acoustic Ceiling Ceiling Panel has been completed since it was removed from the Factory

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