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02 Dec 2019
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Shunda Ceiling is the first and largest PVC Manufacturing Company in Indonesia. Shunda PVC Ceiling made of Polivynil Chloride which is a polymer type material commonly used for water pipe making materials. Currently we may also have often seen some houses that part of the ceiling using Shunda ceiling PVC. Shunda ceiling PVC has many advantages if used as a ceiling, the advantages will be explained below Shunda Ceiling has many models, colors and patterns that make the customers have a lot of desing crack for their ceiling. In addition to easy to apply and has many motifs & patterns, Shunda Ceiling has several other product advantages consisting of:

1. Shunda PVC Ceiling Leaked Ceiling

2. Shunda PVC Ceiling Termite Ceiling

3. Shunda PVC Ceiling Not Flowing Fire

4. Shunda PVC Ceiling Durable and Durable

5. Shunda Flexible and Light PVC Ceiling

6. Shunda PVC Ceiling easy in instalation

7. Shunda PVC Ceiling Design More Attractive

8. Shunda PVC Ceiling Have Many Color Options

9. Shunda PVC Ceiling Easy to Clean

10. Shunda PVC Ceiling Is Not Easy to Break

11. Shunda Economical PVC Ceiling


If the roof and wall leak, then, water will not cause the ceiling to be obsolete or moldy. For how to clean it quite easily that is enough to wipe with a clean cloth. Shunda Ceiling also has a wide distribution network that makes it easier for you to know, see and do product consultation on our distributors spread all over Indonesia, one of them is SHUNDA PLAFON KEMAYORAN located in Mega Glodok Kemayoran ltUG block. C11 / 5-6.



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