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Shunda Plafon Ma20046 PVC ceiling
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Specification of Shunda Plafon Ma20046 PVC ceiling


Specifications Product :

Category Plafon PVC MA 20046 
Series : PVC Ceiling 
Shunda Plafon is manufacturer of Complete Ranging From Product Design, Development Molding, Processing And Production. 
The Company Now Has 10 Production Lines, Machines And Systems Are Designed With Modern Technology, The Integration Of Materials And Techniques Appropriately And Scientific Formulas, Ensure Certainty Resulting Product - High Quality Products. 
Plastic Ceiling Full Specification, Color Has Dozens Of Variants, Is Widely Used In Interior Applications With Good Quality To Win The Majority Of Customers, The Company Agents Dots Scattered Across The Country, Can Provide Services In A Timely And Efficient.

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